How Do I Play Video On My DS?

Nintendo DS flash carts tend to only accept video in a format known as .dpg. Video normally comes in different formats to this, such as mpg and avi. Therefore, we need a way to convert the file into .dpg format. This is incredibly easy once you know how, and is not complicated at all.

First off, you will need to download DPGTools. Don’t forget, after you convert your movie into a DPG file, you will need to install Moonshell on your DS cart before you can play the dpg file – you can download Moonshell.

Once you have downloaded DPG Tools, extract all the files in the ZIP file onto your computer (NOT your DS cart/Micro-SD card). You can place them anywhere; it does not matter. Once you have placed them onto your computer, opening the DPGTools folder should give you something like this:

Once you see the contents of the above folder, simply click on the “dpgenc” option (which stands for DPG Encode).

Once you are into the dpgenc program, select “.ENG” from the bottom left hand corner to change the language to English. Now click the “Select” button.

Locate the video on your hard drive that you want to turn into a .dpg movie. After you have selected your video file, click Start, and simply choose where you want to save your file.

That’s it, you’re done! Now, make sure Moonshell is installed on your Micro-SD card by having the moonshell files and directory put into the root (i.e. not in any sub-folders, just on the card itself). Drag-and-drop your new dpg movie onto your Micro-SD card, and pop it into your flash cart and into your DS! You should now be able to watch video .dpg files whenever you start up your DS Card and select the media option at your loading screen.

FOR EXPERTS: The “Show Options” checkbox in the dpgenc program allows you to change the bitrate of your video file, the brightness, and the volume. If you watch videos on your DS console a lot and would like some advanced control over how your video experience is played out, you can experiment with these settings.

How Do I Play MP3s On My DS?

Playing MP3s on your Nintendo DS is incredibly easy! All you need to do is download Moonshell. Once you have downloaded the Moonshell ZIP file, extract all the files onto your Micro-SD card.

Once you have done this, you are done! See, that was easy. You now just need to drag-and-drop your MP3 files onto your Micro-SD card (either in the root directory or in a “Music” directory if you would like to be neat and tidy). You should now be able to listen to your MP3s whenever you start up your DS Card and select the media option at your loading screen.