R4i 3DS / SDHC 1.4.3 Firmware Update – Fixed / Patched

How to Upgrade your R4i 3DS or R4i SDHC Card

For a video of this upgrade process, watch DSCardWorld’s extremely helpful R4i 3DS Upgrade video (click link to see) to see the process in action! For a text version of how to update your R4i SDHC card, then read below.

Before starting, please remember that you 100% need to use a non-upgraded DSi console or a DS Lite to apply the update – if you’ve already updated your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, you will need to borrow another console (either a non-updated DSi or a DS Lite) to apply the update.

Make sure the latest R4i menu software is installed. When you get into the main screen, select the “Settings” icon (usually the third one).


After going into the Settings menu (the icons may appear different on different firmware skins, but this is normal), you’ll then see a “Settings” and “Upgrade” button. Note that at this screen, if your menu looks very different there’s a good chance you don’t have the latest R4i software – download that and place it on your Micro-SD card first before performing the upgrade.

R4i 3DS Fix for Nintendo DSi 1.4.3 Firmware

 After selecting ‘Upgrade’ you’ll notice the screen tell you what your current firmware is (in the screenshot below it shows 143 because the DSi was already updated before the photo was taken, but on most consoles it will show 142) and what the newer firmware is.


Before clicking “Start”, make sure your console is plugged in, because if you lose power during the R4i upgrade process you will damage the R4i card, possibly permanently. Also make sure you are connected to your WiFi network so that the upgrade will actually download correctly.

The update will take between 5 and 8 minutes to complete. Once it’s done, you should find that the R4i 3DS / R4i SDHC firmware version will now be 1.4.3 if you check in settings, and therefore it will now be compatible with the Nintendo DSi / DSi XL latest firmware.

Nintendo DSi Firmware Updates

Remember, please never update your Nintendo DSi (or any other Nintendo handheld console such as the Nintendo 3DS) unless you’re 100% sure that your R4i (or other) card will work with the newer firmware. Once you update your console’s firmware, the Nintendo firmware update is irreversible. If you accidentally update your DSi / 3DS etc. and your card stops working, you must either wait for an update to come out (anything from a week to three months) from the card manufacturer and update using a borrowed DS console, or buy a new compatible card.

R4i 3DS 1.4.3 Update Video

You can see from DSCardWorld’s tutorial video below that the R4i 3DS now works with the 1.4.3 DSi / DSi XL firmware. Click on the link below to watch the video.

Nintendo DSi 1.4.3 Firmware Update



Where to Buy R4i 3DS / R4i SDHC Cards

There are many fakes and clones of R4 and R4i cards on the market, including such infamous fake cards like the R4i Ultra and R4i Gold. We recommend you only buy the original, genuine R4i 3DS card from reputable vendors.

To see a list of stores you can buy from with genuine cards on offer, please visit our Where to Buy R4i page. Retailers on this page are allowed only to sell genuine cards and must prove that they have excellent customer service – so rest assured you’re buying a genuine card with good support!