R4 Ultra and R4i Ultra

Origins of the R4 Ultra and R4i Ultra

The R4 Ultra is a spin-off of the original R4 SDHC card, but is becoming increasingly popular throughout late 2009 and early 2010. It should be said first of all that these cards are not originals and are fakes – but at least there is distinctive packaging so it is not difficult to tell. A DSi compatible version was also released in late 2009 to try and compete with the original R4i SDHC card. Below are two images of the cards in their Nintendo DS/DS Lite and the Nintendo DSi / DSi LL flavours:


R4 Ultra (Clone/Fake) – for DS and DS Lite

R4i Ultra (Clone/Fake) – for DSi consoles


Why the R4 Ultra and R4i Ultra are Popular

Admittedly, the R4 and R4i Ultra cards are becoming more popular thanks to what can be considered a ‘stable firmware’ for a fake. Many fakes, such as the R4v3, have very sporadic or buggy firmware, while the R4 Ultra team appear to have done a decent job. However, the firmware is still not as stable as the original R4 SDHC card (DS / DS Lite) or the original R4i card (DSi / DSi LL).


The R4i Ultra Interface

The R4i Ultra GUI / interface is exactly the same as in the original R4v2 card or the R4 SDHC card. On face value, it is indistinguishable. For that reason, you need to look more carefully at the card to determine if the card you have is in fact an R4i Ultra.


The R4i Ultra interface – the same as the original R4v2 and R4 SDHC cards.

Telling if a Card is an R4i Ultra (Fake / Clone)

The card’s sticker will be identical to the equivalent Nintendo DS / DS Lite or Nintendo DSi / DSi LL versions of the R4 SDHC and R4i SDHC cards. You need to look more closely at the bottom of the card to find out if you are holding an R4i Ultra.


Check this part to verify you have the fake R4i Ultra card.

¬†You will see the “www.r4ultra.com” web link on the bottom of the card. If this is the case, then you are holding an R4 Ultra or R4i Ultra, which is a fake/clone of the original R4 SDHC or R4i SDHC card.

The Consolation

However, out of all the fakes on the market as of early 2010, the R4i Ultra does appear to have the most decent game compatibility. It’s not as good as the original cards, but it does appear to be the best among the fakes – so this is the “least” bad card you can choose! :-)

In the mean time, if you are interested in genuine R4 SDHC or R4i SDHC cards, do check out the other pages on this website.