R4 3DS Cards for the Nintendo 3DS Now Stable

When the Nintendo 3DS first came out, the vast majority of R4 style cartridges either bricked the machine or were not reliable / were very easily patched by Nintendo. Crown3DS were one of the first teams to pioneer this approach with some success, and since then many teams have tried.

We were recently sneaking on some biltong (if you’re in the UK you should check out Meat Snacker for jerky by the way, they’re pretty good!) and reading up on the latest R4 3DS card though, and we are now reasonably convinced there’s evidence to suggest this is the real and stable deal – finally – in 2015. There are some limitations, though – read on.

R4 3DS RTS Cards

R4 3DS from R4DSRevolution

The manufacturers of the newest R4 3DS RTS card are actually the team at www.R4i-SDHC.com. This is important because they are one of the original manufacturers of the original R4 card (probably the second or third factory to jump in) and therefore have been producing these sorts of cards since at least 2007, which is a very long time!

More importantly, it looks as though as long as you do not update your Nintendo 3DS firmware before checking compatibility, these cards seem to have steady compatibility with the 3DS, which is great news to homebrew users everywhere.

Nintendo 3DS Firmware v6.3.0-12

As of June 2015, according to R4i-SDHC their card will support Nintendo 3DS consoles up to firmware version 6.3.0-12. However, you require Kernel v1.82 in order to do this, so you can download it directly from the manufacturer here.

If Nintendo release any future firmware updates, do not update that yet – if you do, there is a good chance that you will no longer be able to use your R4 3DS card. There is no way to roll back firmware on your Nintendo 3DS, so it’s important you understand this beforehand!

Nintendo R4 3DS RTS – Real Time Save

The RTS on the 3DS RTS stands for Real Time Save, which is a function that was commonplace amongst earlier R4 and R4i cards as well. It allows you to save your memory in real time during a game or running a program, so that your place isn’t lost and you don’t need to achieve some sort of milestone prior to saving. It seems as though this technology, although it has taken a while, has finally made it’s way onto the Nintendo 3DS console.

Happy gaming, and we hope this update has been of some help and happiness to you! :)