Main Menu

R4 main menu contain 3 sub-menu option:

  • Game Menu
  • Multimedia Menu
  • DS Slot-2 Menu

Entering a Sub-Menu

To choose a sub-menu, use the arrow button to select the sub-menu and the ‘A’ button to enter the corresponding sub-menu. The sub-menu can also be entered using the touch-screen function of the DS.

Returning to the Main Menu

To return to the main menu, press the ‘START’ button.

Game Menu

1. Switching between Game Interface Display Mode

You can switch between the display mode by pressing the ‘SELECT’ button

– Explanation: The R4 has 4 different display mode: “Game Display”, “Save Display”, “eBook Display” and “File Display”.

– Game Display” which is the default mode shows the game list.

– “Save Display” shows the Save files on the micro SD.

– “ebook Display” shows the directory file.

– “File Display” shows all the files on the micro SD.

– Please be aware that the
“SHELL,MOONSHL,_SYSTEM_”directory and the “_DS_MSHL.NDS “file will be
hidden under the “Show Games Only” mode; Any other directories or files
with hidden attributes will also be hidden.

2. Adjusing the brightness of the screen

– The R4 has a 4-scale-lightness adjustment system (Only on DS Lite console)

– To change the brightness, touch the sunny icon on the top-left of the bottom DS screen or press the ‘L’ button of the DS

– There is 4 different level of brightness on the DS.

3. Choosing the soft reset

– At the
right top of the touch screen it is the “Soft Reset”

– Red indicator
means the “Soft Reset” function is off

– Green indicator means the “Soft
Reset” function is on.

– The users may point on the touch screen or press
“R” button to switch the “Soft Reset” On/Off.

– While
the “Soft Reset” function is on, pressing “L+R+A+B+X+Y” can go back and
forth to the game’s main menu; Please do not do this while saving, as
it will lead to malfunction, It is recommended to go back to main menu
before you function the “Soft Reset”.

– If the error occurs on running games, please try to turn off the “Soft Reset”.

4. Choosing the game files

– The top screen displays the files under the directory

– Use the ‘Up/Down’ key
for rolling, ‘Left/Right’ key for flipping. The current path and amount
of the total files will show on the top, the scroll bar will show the
location of the current file.

– The files
under the directory will be sorted by file name, the directory (DIR)
will display at the front. The (..) is the parent directory.

– The bottom screen display the details of the files and directory, the icon and title will be displayed if it is NDS/IDS game.

– Press ‘A’ button or touch screen to enter the corresponding functions or run the game, press “B” button to go back to the game menu.