R4i 3DS Firmware Update Fix

R4i 3DS Compatibility with Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update

Recently, the R4i 3DS team released a patch allowing the R4 DS card to be used with the Nintendo DSi 1.4.2 update. However, the issue of the 3DS firmware update remained unaddressed until now.

We can confirm the R4i 3DS card will now work on the firmware. This was tested and released by DSCardWorld – thanks for the verification!

The newest kernels / firmwares / software for the R4i 3DS can be downloaded here at the official site. There are also instructions for updating the firmware on your card if you want to upgrade your 3DS console’s firmware to the latest version.

1. Download the Updatev2.0.0.zip file from the official website, and extract all the files onto a folder on your computer. It should look like this inside the .ZIP file off the official site.

2. Make sure the normal firmware is also on your Micro-SD card. Then put the update files onto your Micro-SD card as well.

3. Boot up your R4i 3DS card using a NON-UPGRADED 3DS or a DS / DS Lite / pre-1.4.2 DSi. If you don’t have one of these (or you accidentally updated your firmware already) you’ll need to borrow somebody else’s console to do the upgrade.

4. Select fwupv20a.nds from the Games screen, and follow the on-screen instructions. Do not interrupt the firmware flashing process (make sure your console has enough power / is plugged in as well) or this may cause your card to malfunction!

Hopefully this will now fix any 3DS firmware problems with your R4i 3DS card. If you need to buy one, please visit our Where to Buy page where we have a list of distributors who stock original cards.