New R4 SDHC v2.10T Card

In a market where the number of fake and cloned cards far exceeds the original / genuine cards out there, it sounds silly, almost crazy, for the original manufacturer to change the appearance of their card.

New R4 SDHC v2.10T

However, that’s exactly what has happened over May 2010, and we’re here to explain it so that you don’t get confused when you see this new packaging hitting the online shelves soon! The R4 SDHC team, the team which has produced the longest-running R4 card in history (still being supported unlike the original R4v2), has come out with a significant improvement to their product. The R4 SDHC has been given an official facelift!


The Real Deal – Same Manufacturer, Not a Fake Card

There are several things about this card that almost defy logic, because we had to spend about a week going through various channels to actually verify this card was genuine (and don’t worry, it is). Things that initially look suspect on the card were:

  • The gold packaging makes it look similar to the R4i Gold which we all know is a fake card. However, please note that this card is an R4 (only compatible with the DS and DS Lite) and should not mention a DSi anywhere on the packaging. The colour was chosen to make it look like a very obvious improvement over the current R4 SDHC card.
  • The words “R4 Renovation” are NOT a spelling mistake of “R4 Revolution”. The team have literally ‘renovated’ the card and chose to use this wording on purpose, although we agree it could be a bit confusing.
  • Any R4 card that claims to be “version 2″ or similar numbers is always suspicious, but the R4 SDHC team simply used their internal codename for the card, v2.10T. This basically means they have been creating this improvement for a while, and put various small updates on the card before putting it into production (hence the .10 and the T designators).

Why has the entire card been given a facelift rather than just updating the firmware and keeping it in the same box? We did not understand until we got our hands on one of these cards ourselves. We assume the R4 SDHC team wanted people to know how big an upgrade this is for their card, and we couldn’t agree more…in fact, this is the first major upgrade for a DS or DS Lite card in a very long time. Since the majority of factories focus on DS cards that are compatible with the newer Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles, this is a very welcome ‘refresher’ to the original DS / DS Lite card market.

The official factory has ceased making the old style packaging and will be replacing it with the new style packaging. Expect existing stores to be selling the ‘old style’ for up to a month or two as their current stocks finish, and then begin to stock the newer version.

R4 SDHC v2.10T Improvements

Improvements in the R4 SDHC v2.10T begin with the packaging and the card itself. The card is made of a sturdier, lightweight plastic, meaning that while it is just as strong as before, it is slightly lighter.

The software for the R4 SDHC has also been significantly improved! Loading times are now down to 2-3 seconds where previously it was more like 6-8, and the screen is very noticably designed to look like the screen of the official R4i SDHC. What it should look like is below.

Similar Interface to R4i SDHC

We’re really pleased about the new R4 SDHC v2.10T, since it contains all the functions of the previous R4 SDHC black box version, but now has much better game compatibility and a very fast loading speed. It’s great to see the regular DS / DS Lite cards not left behind by the original manufacturers!

One possibly word of warning is that the “R4i” card seen on the “R4 SDHC” website is not the original R4i card. This is quite confusing to some people: the original R4i card and the original R4 SDHC card come from two different sources. Please bear this in mind when choosing a card. The card above is the official R4 SDHC, official website, while the official R4i card is from :-)