DSi 1.4.1 / 1.4.2 Firmware Update Info

Last Updated: 31/Oct/2010

Previous Nintendo DSi Firmware Updates

In August of 2009, Nintendo released an update to the DSi console’s firmware that seemed to block access to many popular DSi cards, including the R4i SDHC. About two weeks later, the current iteration of the R4i SDHC card was born and all has been well since that time. However, on the 7th of September 2010 Nintendo released two new firmwares, spaced only a matter of hours apart, for the DSi. These firmwares were called “1.4.1E” and “1.4.2” respectively.

New 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 Firmware

According to Nintendo, the new updates “provide behind the scenes improvements to DSi system performance”. The Nintendo Wii was also simultaneously given a firmware update.

However, this update does not seem to enhance any system performance of the DSi and seems to be solely aimed at the homebrew community, effectively wiping out (possibly temporarily) the ability to play homebrew games on the Nintendo DSi console. Until a fix is released (we’ll update this page when that happens) we advise homebrew users NOT to update their DSi, as if they do they will be unable to use their cards.

Upcoming Pokemon and Nintendo 3DS Release

It seems that the main reason behind these updates was because Pokemon Black and White are being released soon and Nintendo do not want pirates downloading the games illegally. The new Nintendo 3DS console is also on the horizon and will be released at the end of the year. Unfortunately they have also blocked out the countless homebrew users that enjoy using their Nintendo DSi coinsoles to do all sorts of things as well. Please be advise – R4DSRevolution does NOT condone piracy and you should NEVER play a Nintendo game on your DS or DSi that you haven’t already legally purchased! Please support the industry and continue to prove to Nintendo that homebrew is a great community that should be endorsed and not put down.

Cards Affected by the Nintendo Firmware Update

Not too many details are known about the update but most cards including the R4i SDHC, Acekard 2i, M3i Zero and iEDGE are affected. Our sponsors (NDS-Gear and DSCardWorld) report that the EZFlash Vi works with the 1.4.1 / 1.4.2 update even without flashing, the Acekard 2i works, and the M3i Zero works as well. The R4i team have released a new ‘version’ of the card that works with 1.4.1 but has yet to update its existing 1.4 cards, which we are monitoring and e-mailing them about (see our R4i 1.4 Upgrade page for more information, we’ll continue to monitor the situation). Remember that the firmware updates on your DSi console are entirely optional, so please DON’T update until fixes have been released! There is nothing you can do if you have already updated except wait, so please don’t update for now (until this page is updated with the fix). The iEDGE card was also flashed in time for Christmas, so in theory all DSi cards now work with the 1.4.1 firmware although a new R4i card must be bought for those to be fully compatible.

Only Buy Original R4 and R4i DS Cards

Remember to always buy your cards from an authorised retailer (see our Where to Buy page here) to avoid possibly purchasing a card that doesn’t have any manufacturer support!