Download R4 Software

Downloading the Right Software

Please make sure you know what card you are downloading the software for. Available for download here are the two (three including the R4v3, who is an outside contender) stable versions of the R4 Revolution DS Card. To know which version you have (provided you have an official / real version), a quick look at the card itself should tell you:


Based on the above three designs, you should be able to distinguish which card you have. The R4v2 has a plain sticker with “R4″ and “Revolution for DS” on it. The R4 SDHC also has the “SDHC” logo next to the R4, while the R4v3 has “Upgrade” underneath the main “R4″ letters.

The software for these three cards can be obtained below. NDS-Gear has kindly allowed us to link to their U.K. download links for the R4v2 and R4 SDHC.

Download R4v2 / R4 SDHC / R4v3 Software

Some of our sponsors have kindly offered to let us link to their websites so that software for various cards can be downloaded here. Credits and their country are listed beside each link so users can decide which servers might be fastest.

R4v2 Software (NDS-Gear, U.K.)

R4v2 Software (Official Website, China)


R4 SDHC Software (NDS-Gear, U.K.)

R4 SDHC Software (Official Website, China)


Download R4v3 Software (Official Website, China)