3D Nintendo 3DS Games Playable on R4 / R4i Style DS Cards

There is breaking news in the Nintendo handheld console world recently as a previously unknown group calling themselves “Crown3DS” released images and a Youtube video of an R4 / R4i style DS card working on a Nintendo 3DS specific game! Up until this point in time, all Nintendo DS R4 cards worked exclusively with regular old DS and DSi game cartridges (so not with online-based DSiWare or 3D games for the 3DS). For that reason, this is a particularly significant community development.

The Crown3DS group have successfully demonstrated that it is possible to play a backup version of Splinter Cell 3DS on a Nintendo 3DS console using an as-of-yet unreleased 3DS compatible DS card. The video, for those interested, is posted in full below.


Unlike more established names like the EZFlash, M3, R4i and Acekard teams, however, Crown3DS seem to be newcomers to the DS flash / homebrew scene, and don’t seem to have any notable previous products to date. For that reason, there are a number of things we should be skeptical about as things currently stand:

  • We do not know how reliable Crown3DS are, or if they have ever seen a product through to completion (manufacturing and sales) before,
  • The Youtube video does not give away how close or far away the card is from being mass products; it is only showing a single game working,
  • The manufacturing of the card is almost unimportant because what is mainly required is support of the card once it is released – and the Crown3DS team don’t have a track record of customer service yet, so there’s no telling how good they could be.

The official website of Crown 3DS is crown3ds.com – they are definitely a group of DS card enthusiasts we want to keep an eye on. More news as developments happen on this site!